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A Noisy Mind by ADHD




Friday, 13 October 2023 to Wednesday, 15 November 2023

'A Noisy Mind' is a solo show featuring new works by multidisciplinary artist ADHD (aka Colin Frangicetto aka Space Case).  If there was one word to sum up the theme of this exhibition it would be overwhelm and that is surely very much by design. Through a variety of mediums and aesthetics, the artist seeks to make the audience step inside of his post-internet world which is made up of the broken synapses of neurodivergence, an ever-present ringing of the ear, and the haunted memories of a life spent on the road. 

There is a quiet/loud dynamic at play here in the art much akin to the music he spent over half of his life creating. Chaotic and violent feeling de-collage pieces are balanced by soft overpainted personal photographs. Large, expressive figurative paintings on canvas with gestural marks and scrawl are offset by smaller minimal abstract works on paper.  The works feel as if they are all either whispering or shouting: This is what it is like for me to exist right now. This is how I got here, this is where I am and I have no idea where I am going. By the way, how are you?

Among some of the more experimental works in the show is 'Constant Companion' which is simply an iPod mounted to a pure white painting on wood that plays the tone of the artist's tinnitus on an infinite loop in headphones for anyone to listen. Distortion pedals are likewise painted and mounted to panels like historical war relics along with decades of stolen hotel key cards collaged in overlapping grids. Oversized xeroxed photographs of Xanax & Adderall medication bottles are covered with thousands of meaningful markings; one for every day since they were prescribed. Ironically for an artist currently known prominently for still digital paintings, the only digital works in the show are small looping videos made of text and screen captures. 

While the description of all of this can sound dark and perhaps anxiety-inducing there is a consistent sense of levity and tender self-awareness that seeks to draw you closer & hold your hand through the scary bits. Like a life-saving laughing fit at the peak of a bad acid trip, sometimes joking our way through our most difficult moments is the best way to survive them. 

Curator :

Artist ( Description ): 

ADHD, an artistic alias for Colin Frangicetto, born in 1981 in Abington, Pennsylvania, is a versatile multidisciplinary artist who seamlessly navigates both analog and digital realms. His creative spectrum spans painting, collage, photography, drawing, printmaking, assemblage, installation, and music.

ADHD's diverse artistic vocabulary includes abstraction, mixed media collage, expressive figuration, zines, graphic design, found objects, and post-graffiti mark-making. This eclectic mix converges into a visually captivating body of work tightly bound by conceptual and emotional threads.

​Common themes in ADHD's art explore interpersonal communication, mental health, neurodivergence, the artist's journey, humanity's relationship with technology (especially the internet), and the concept of time. With over two decades of creative exploration, Frangicetto transitioned from a full-time touring musician to a visual artist in 2008, earning a global presence with his work featured in collections worldwide.

Venue ( Address ): 

4 Louella Ct, Wayne PA 19087

Colonna Contemporary , Philadelphia

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A Noisy Mind by ADHD
10/13/2023 to 11/15/2023


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