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If paintings were live pets, would you buy them more readily? oder Bilderlügen haben lange Beine




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Friday, 18 September 2020 to Saturday, 16 January 2021
Friday, 18 September 2020 - 6:00pm

Thursday + Friday: 3 – 6:30pm, Saturday 1 - 5:00pm, all other days: only by appointment

We are delighted to present the solo exhibition If Paintings were live Pets, would you buy them more readily? Oder Bilderlügen haben lange Beine by Swiss artist Matthias Aeberli (Basel) at das Esszimmer. His method of sampling – content- and formal-wise – can be viewed as a visual experimental arrangement that revolves around the one question: „How does an image become an image?“. This image survey or image research runs throughout Matthias Aeberli’s entire oeuvre.

The current exhibition at Das ESSZIMMER tries to fathom whether a lie is an inherent component of every painting, or if there can exist paintings that do not lie. Thereupon the provocative and confusing exhibition title is referred to.

Aeberli’s sampling method and image research is incorporated into the exhibition concept in diverse ways. Thus, during the opening days, the artist will browse through a section of his numerous sketchbooks as part of a presentation – simultaneously projected and recorded, so that the sketchbooks will also be present during the exhibition. The front, street-side exhibition room becomes a Schaulager, where every 3-4 weeks the exhibition will be rearranged with the participation of the audience. This becomes the starting point for general discussions about art, images, exhibitions and in particular, Matthias Aeberlis works.

The exhibition publication 110_in effigie_Titel für alles Mögliche (engl.: 110_in effigy_Title for everything) published by Projekt_957 I.A.M and edited by Stephan Wittmer (Luzern, CH), will be presented at the end of November in the presence of Matthias Aeberli. On this occasion, Stephan Wittmer will personally introduce into his magazine project Projekt_957 I.A.M.

The exhibition project ends with an artist talk between the artists Rainer Barzen, Ingrid Roscheck (both from Cologne, GER) and Matthias Aeberli.

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+49 (0)228 538 766 12
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Mechenstrasse 25, 53129 Bonn

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