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I don`t know how to love you teach me to love





Friday, 31 May 2024 to Saturday, 29 June 2024
Friday, 31 May 2024 - 7:00pm

Group exhibition with works by 6 artists from Hong Kong: Ailsa Wong, Jennifer Poon, Jessie Cheuk Lam Tam, Lau Man Pan, Man Wai Se and Rose Li


Our thematic exhibition program in the first half of 2024 – Friends of Friends of Friends of… – addresses friendship in the context of resistance and resilience. The exhibition I don`t know how to love you teach me to love is also part of the visualization of diverse strategies of artists to create resilient structures and networks and will close this thematic exhibition cycle.

In a curatorial collaboration with curator MeMe from Struggling Art Space, Hong Kong the group show brings 6 Hong Kong artists together that share their vivid exploration of the quest of love and resilience needed to navigate the fragility of relationships. Inspired by everyday life’s challenges and aspirations – we respond to our current situation that is constantly caught in times of departure, and we could only hope for a reunion.
Like flies buzzing at the window and stress that often clouds our vision. We collate family archives to find hidden stories of lost loved ones but also annoying bugs, to find the unexpected. Capturing frustrations and mishaps in daily life by doing things foolishly, yet seriously, we explore myth-like elements between our inner self and the outer world. Amidst chaos in the mundane and ordinary life.
Did you know not all relationships stay sweet like a slice of toast left too long in the toaster and often ends with unexpected bugs? And did you know each lie we told to hold things together is like a tooth about to fall out? When you look at the sky you will probably think of someone.

So, no time for love or we do?

participating artists:
Ailsa Wong / Jennifer Poon / Jessie Cheuk Lam Tam / Lau Man Pan / Man Wai Se / Rose Li

Venue ( Address ): 

Mechenstrasse 25, 53129 Bonn, Germany

Finissage + Artist Talk: I don`t know how to love you teach me to love
Ukrainian Filmdays NRW: A Picture to Remember
I don`t know how to love you teach me to love
05/31/2024 to 06/29/2024
Groupshow "Materialities"
05/03/2024 to 05/30/2024



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