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Myth and Moor



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Saturday, 6 August 2022 to Saturday, 27 August 2022
Friday, 5 August 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Capturing Moments

We are delighted to welcome 'ashar' to the gallery for a sole show of contemporary abstract works inspired by Dartmoor. The exhibition will  form part of our August Exhibitions at the gallery which focuses on works in abstraction, reflecting artists indiviudual responses to the world around them.

'Dartmoor is a part of me, or more accurately, I am a part of it. My soul sings when wandering about this mysterious place and being at one with the universe, and the moor. Winter is the most enigmatic time to be on the moor, but Autumn has the promise of Winter the colours capturing its essence. This latest body of works is about capturing moments on the moors.'

“The longer one stays here the more does the spirit of the moor sink into one’s soul, its vastness, and also its grim charm.” AC Doyle, The Hound of the Baskervilles


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My work is a statement of my feelings and emotions for a given place or event. I love wide-open spaces and big skies, the levels and moors being my inspiration. I do not want to depict them but want to express my feelings for them, and create work that can be, felt. I aim to invite you into an inner world, reaching beyond the material into the realm of the psyche, giving the viewer a notion of peace and hope. I use mark-making as a way of connecting the viewer and evoking a response. My work is often described as emotional and moving.

I live and work in Somerset and spend the winter months on the moors and levels, wondering and sketching, loving the freedom, and imbibing the essence of the places I choose to stop and sketch in. These sketches will form the basis for the work I will do in the coming year. 

Working in oils, I spend many hours mixing colour to achieve the palette that expresses my emotions for a given subject, be that a place or event.

Our lives are made up of millions of tiny moments, both positive and negative. They appear and disappear, triggered by a word a moment in time, a colour, a place a smile building layer upon layer. This is how my paintings are built, layering, and glazing the paint influences the paintings' outcome, each layer building, a picture of memory and experience. The work is a conversation between me and the materials when in progress, and then between the finished piece and the viewer, who will then bring their life experience to the work.

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7 Lucius Street



Artizan Gallery , Torquay

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