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Saturday, 19 March 2022 to Saturday, 9 April 2022
Friday, 18 March 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Influences on Childhood and Adolescence

Artizan are delighted to welcome Royal Academy Summer Exhibition exhibitor, Becky Nuttall to the Courtyard Gallery for this solo show of recent works produced from Becky’s home studio in Brixham.

Coming from a creative family I was always drawn to imagery and how artists interpreted the known and unknown, the sacred and profane, the human, the humane and the inhumane.

The convent I attended as a child and teenager was dominated by religious imagery, the secular world mostly ignored unless it mirrored conformity and patriarchy.

My influences became rock music, fashion, feminism, popular culture, art school, Dada, modernism and the places and objects my family loved; the symbols of love, conflict and loss.

I create the works in the Art of the School to acknowledge these and the impact religious violence, guilt, piety, sainthood, patriarchal art history and conformity had on a young girl – considering how I challenged and interpreted these in my adolescence. I create intertextual works in adulthood as I deconstruct and reconstruct the relationship between my education, Catholicism, my adolescence, my identity and my family’s creativity to create a new context in my own art. I am not a Catholic and although challenging, this has become an interesting collaboration.

Artist ( Description ): 

Becky Nuttall


Becky comes from an artistic and literary background. She studied art in the early seventies but got diverted by literature and, latterly, the social development of adolescents.

The research undertaken as part of her MA reconnected her to her own adolescence and its influences.

She is a published poet and performs her poetry. Her anthology ‘Nick’s Gift’ was published in October 2019. She runs Stanza Extravaganza spoken word event in Torquay Devon and is a member of Torbay Culture Board. Highly commended for “Last offices’ Torbay Poetry Festival National Competition 2018

‘The anchorhold – 1971’ was selected and sold at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021

Her work “Bedroom shrine to the virgin of the rocks” was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017 and highly recommended alternative or mixed media in the show - Torbay Guild of Artists 2018.

Also Best alternative/mixed media and best painting in show for ‘St Peter Chanel of the Staffroom’ Torbay Guild of Artists 2018

‘Dorothy chasing rainbows’ has been selected best acrylic painting in the show – Torbay Guild of Artists Exhibition 2021

‘I am not a romantic’ selected by SWAc Open Exhibition 2021

Becky is a UNESCO English Riviera Ambassador Artist


Influence of religious dogma on childhood, adolescence and feminism and an emerging female artist in the Seventies

Referencing the objects, places and influences in Becky’s past including rock music and popular culture

Rituals, past and present, that influence the future

Becky paints mainly in acrylic but she also uses mixed media including parts of her original childhood and art student works which are collaged into paintings. Works with a reference to religious iconography replicate the paintings in convent schools. Becky sometimes includes works by her father and children to show the artistic tradition that runs through her family.

Venue ( Address ): 

Artizan Gallery

7 Lucius Street




Artizan Gallery , Torquay

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