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BIRGIT WERRES - the sound remains the same




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Friday, 22 March 2024 to Saturday, 18 May 2024

Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf is pleased to present the solo exhibition by Birgit Werres, featuring a group of new sculptural works.

Birgit Werres creates an astonishing tension between colour, form and space in her sculptures and installations. The key to her work lies in the experimentation with the individual material she selects.

Werres’ own signature refers to the aesthetics of the source materials used, rather than manifesting itself through decidedly handcrafted gestures. However, a significant factor in the impact of her works is Werres' multi-layered decisions on how the sculptures interact with the space and find energetic forms in their alienation. The decontextualisation of the found objects merges into a self-referential, dynamic matter-of-factness that is specific to Birgit Werres’ final sculptures. The works are detached from the initial objects and thus open up the associative scope for new perspectives.

When it comes to the extent to which she intervenes in the formative process, Birgit Werres applies the fine line of how much the material needs. This line is individually defined for the artist as she experiments with the selected materials – a process that can take years or just a few moments. „Regardless of whether the focus is on the form, the material or its color, her works invariably unfold a dynamism in the always strict and at the same time playful presentation(s) that may well be associated with the fullness of movement of the Baroque period, and just as much with the minimalist decision-making scenario described above, whereby complete trust is placed in the potential of the material while dispensing with anything unnecessary […].”[1]

[1] Dr. Matthia Löbke

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Birgit Werres (*1962) lives and works in Düsseldorf. She studied under Irmin Kamp and Tony Cragg at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. Her works have recently been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Bonn, St. Gallen, Cologne, Witten, Heilbronn, Freiburg and Leipzig, among others, and have been published in numerous catalogues. Works by the artist are currently on display in the collections of Kunstmuseum Bonn and Kunstmuseum St.Gallen.

+49-69-43 05 94 27
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Hanauer Landstrasse 136
60314 Frankfurt am Main

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