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Realness - Intimate Garden | Sandrine Deumier



Thursday, 20 February 2020 to Sunday, 23 February 2020
Thursday, 20 February 2020 - 1:00pm to 9:00pm


OPENING: February 20, 1-7pm
RECEPTION: February 20, 7-9pm
EXHIBITION: February 20 - February 23, 1-7pm

synthesis gallery is pleased to announce its latest exhibition 'Realness - Intimate Garden' by Sandrine Deumier.

Deumier creates virtual environments where amorphous, anonymous, beautifully complex humanoids live in organic symbiosis with their natural environment. The cybernetic garden by Deumier is ever mutant with its creatures adjusting to it naturally and gracefully, creating boundless kinetic energy and a chaotic, dense process of highly intricacy containing an almost hidden scaling natural order.

'Realness - Intimate Garden' explores the boundaries within an artificially created nature and a freshly conceived form of humanity as harmony and osmosis between the two are finally reached.

The exhibition is curated by George Vitale and opens to the public on February 20.

SANDRINE DEUMIER (b. 1978, FR, is an artist with focus on video art, digital poetry, multimedia installation and performance. With training in both philosophy and the arts, Deumier explores the intersection between video and sound poetry, focusing on the issues related to technological change and the performative place of poetry, conceived through new technologies. Her video artworks, installations and poetry performances have been exhibited nationally and internationally, among them: Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR), MIRA Festival (Barcelona, ES), Kuryokhin Art Center (St-Petersburg, RU), Moss Arts Center (US) and Cairotronic (Cairo, EG).

SYNTHESIS GALLERY, the first VR art gallery, is an immersive blend of technology and art displayed under one roof, showcasing cutting-edge experiences by new wave artists and visionaries through virtual reality. Founded in New York in October 2017 by George Vitale, the gallery opened his doors to the public in April 2018 in Berlin. synthesis’ shows have been regularly selected and recommended by Berlin Art Week and participated in art festivals such as Transmediale/Vorspiel and Retune. Pieces are displayed through different media. Tangible and traditional art forms intermingle with Oculus and Vive headsets. Dedicated to exhibiting internationally renowned, well-established artists alongside emerging ones, since its inception, synthesis has garnered considerable attention in the art scene.

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Kopernikusstrasse 14, 12045 Berlin, Germany

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